Surrendering a Pet

We understand unfortunate life situations come up and you need to surrender your animal.  We will try to help as best we can to re-home your pet.  Please understand it does take time to rehome a pet so be patient with our process. Our goal is to find the best new home for your pet as quickly as possible.  To do that, we have the following process for surrendering your pet:

  • Contact us for a form to apply to surrender your pet.
  • Fully disclose all your pet’s information good or bad, medical needs if any, and any behavior issues with the staff at HHR. Withholding information only makes it harder for us to place your animal in a loving new home and can jeopardize your pet being placed in a forever home.
  • Please provide past vaccine or medical records.
  • Please provide good photos of your pet so we can get them on Facebook and Petfinder as soon as possible.
  • In most cases, it is easier if the owner keeps their pet until we find a suitable new home. It is less stressful for the pet not having so many changes. We post the pet on all our social media sites, showing they are available for adoption, usually the same day we approve the surrender application.
  • If possible, consider writing a letter about your pet that can be given to future adopters. This can help reduce the stress on the pet as well as let the new owners know some of the pets personality, likes, and dislikes.