Happy Tails



Kai is our parvo puppy that came into our rescue the summer of 2021. He was one sick boy and stayed at the vet for a week. He won his battle and was adopted to a family in southern Idaho. They tell us he's already 24 lbs. and is already house trained. Kai is going to be one big boy. He loves chilling on the recliner with his people. What a good boy you are, Kai!!

"He's such a love! We have changed his name to Tucker and he is such a happy puppy. We look forward to a good long life with him, thanks again!"



We think Chewy is going to be very spoiled in his new home. This is one happy adopter and one happy little old dog!! Chewy is a sweet boy that loves to be with his people. We don't think that's going to be a problem. Sweet dreams, Chewy!



Shiloh is looking adoringly at her new mom. Yes, Shiloh has finally found her home and she is one happy girl. She's being very spoiled and deserves every bit of it. Her leg has healed and she is back to her happy, loving, self. Congratulations, Shiloh, and to your new mom too. You are going to have a great life - we are all so happy for you!

"Shiloh is acting like a happy dog again."