Emergency Funds

Anyone who owns a pet can agree that they are like family.  If your beloved pet gets in an accident or falls ill, you will do everything you can to make sure they get treated. Vet care is often unexpected and very few of us have money set aside for such incidents. We understand how you feel and if funds are available to us, we try to help.

Being an animal rescue our main goal is rescuing and treating unwanted or stray animals. We do have compassion for owner-owned pets and with limited funds for emergencies, we try our best to help.  We assess each incident case by case and if we have money available, we can offer some help. If approved for emergency funding, we will send the funds directly to the vet treating your pet.  Because our funds are limited, we do try to help as many animals as we can, therefore we will not fund full vet bills.

These emergency funds are limited and go quickly and only apply to emergencies. Please contact us if you need help.