Thank you for your interest in adopting a new pet from Helping Hands Rescue (HHR).  Bringing home a new pet is an especially exciting event.  We want all adopters and their new pets to have the best adoption experience possible!  Please consider these factors before adopting a pet.

  • Housing Restrictions
  • Other Household Members
  • Other Pets in the Home
  • Cost of Pet Supplies Needed
  • Cost of Medical Needs for Pet
  • Time Commitment
  • Must be 21 Years or Older to Adopt

Adoption Process

Because we are the voice for the displaced animals we rescue, we take our adoption process seriously.  We do our best to ensure the animal and potential adopter will be a good fit together so the animal will have a successful adoption and thrive in its new home.  Our process is as follows:

  1. Finding your new pet – Browse our website, FB page, or PetFinder for a dog or cat you are interested in.
  2. Complete and return the HHR application to us for that specific animal.
  3. We recommend you meet the animal in person by going to one of our adoption events or make arrangements for a private meet and greet.
  4. Once the application is received, HHR will review it to make sure the animal is a good fit  with you and your lifestyle. Sometimes we receive multiple applications on a single animal, so it may take a little longer to review them all. Please remember that it's not always the first application, but the best fit for the animal.
  5. Sometimes a home visit is necessary before our staff makes an adoption decision. If this is the case, you will be notified, and a staff member will contact you to make arrangements.
  6. A representative of HHR will contact you either by phone or email regarding your pending adoption once they have approved your application.

Bringing Your New Pet Home

Your pet will need time to adjust to its new home, and the transition may be somewhat stressful.  We always recommend giving your new pet at least three days up to three weeks to transition into a new home.  There are a lot of changes for your new pet aside from the feelings and memories of their past.

Watch for cues about how your pet is feeling. If your pet seems timid, try to move slowly, or just sit in the same room reading a book and let your pet come to you. If your pet is full of energy and ready to play, get out the toys right away. But be cautious, pets can be both scared and full of energy at the same time. Modify your actions to make your new pet feel welcome. The care you take with your own behavior in early days will pay off in the future as your pet learns that you are someone to trust.

We do not recommend giving your new pet the run of your house or yard until you know how they will behave. For dogs, giving them a crate is a good thing and creates a safe space they can go to when they feel scared.  It’s also a good idea if you have children to teach them to give the dog its space and to stay away from the kennel when the dog is in it.  Cats will also seek safe spaces, like under a bed, to get away if things get too scary for them. As with dogs, children should also be taught to give the cat/kitten space if it becomes stressed and hides.

Adoption Fees

Dog: $275
Cat: $75 - Check with us frequently, we sometimes have special price events on cats and kittens.

Our adoption fees include:

  • Spay or Neuter
  • Flea/Tick/Ear Mite Treatment if Needed
  • De-Worming
  • All Vaccine Shots Necessary
  • Rabies Shots for Dogs

HHR has several “partnered vets” in the valley for spay and neuters.  If your preferred vet is not on the list, HHR will pay your vet up to the cost of what our “partnered vets” would charge for the procedure.