Thank you for your interest in being an HHR Foster. You are about to embark on a life-saving adventure that you’ll never forget and become a hero to your foster animal!  HHR is a foster based rescue and does not have a facility like a humane society or animal shelter.  What does that mean?  It means we provide a home environment for pets in our care so they have the best chance to thrive.  HHR’s foster program exists to give animals a chance to grow; injured, sick, or under-socialized animals an opportunity to heal, or for abandoned and abused animals to know they are loved.  Fostering is not easy, letting go is hard, very hard, but you learn you are the bridge needed for that animal to move on to a better life.

Are You Ready to be a Foster?

Four things are needed to be a foster candidate - Time, Space, Care, and Love

  • Are you able to devote the daily and weekly time to a foster animal?
  • Are you able to bring adoptable fosters to the scheduled adoption events?
  • Do you have space to foster a large dog that needs room or a cat that likes to hide in a quiet space? A very active puppy, or kittens that like to climb?
  • Are you able to handle the cleaning procedures or messes associated with animals like shedding, litterbox cleanup, puppy potty training, etc.?
  • Are you prepared to handle sickness or possible death of a foster animal?
  • Are you able to emotionally handle letting go of the foster animal when it finds its forever home?
  • Can you provide warm hugs, soft pets, belly rubs, ear scratches, and lots of unconditional love to your foster animal?

First Steps to Being a Foster!

HHR will provide everything you need to care for your foster.  But first you will need to complete our foster application below.  Once you have been approved to foster you will be added to HHR’s foster contact list.  When HHR takes in an animal that will need a foster, an email or message will be sent to all volunteers asking if anyone can foster.  If you have time and think the animal is a good fit, just reply to the message saying you would like to foster the animal.  You will then be given instructions on when and where to pick up the animal as well as where to go to get food, toys, bedding, etc. for the care of the animal.

  • Fosters must be 18 years of age.
  • Must have written permission from Landlord to have animals if you rent.
  • Must be able to bring foster to adoption events.
  • Must be able to transport animals to and from vet appointments.

Contact Helping Hands if you need a more detailed guideline for volunteer foster requirements.

Foster Application

Foster's Name(Required)
Foster's Address(Required)
Housing Status:(Required)
What type of animal are you wanting to foster?(Required)
Can a representative of Helping Hands Rescue do a home inspection?(Required)
Do you have permission from your landlord or the owner of the home (if you live with someone else) to proceed with our foster program?(Required)
Are the pets neutered or spayed?
If you have cats, where do you keep them:
If you have dogs, where do you keep them:
If you have dogs, do you have a secure fenced yard?
Is someone home during the day?(Required)
Are you able to transport the foster animal to Helping Hands adoption events or to the vet when needed?(Required)
Can you promise that you have more than enough LOVE to share to make these animals thrive in your household?(Required)

Kitten/Cat Fosters Needed ASAP!

Kitten season is upon us and we REALLY need fosters for all the unwanted kittens and cats that need our help. We provide the supplies and veterinary care – you supply a safe place and TLC. If you are interested in fostering, please fill out a foster application.