Dog Adoption Application

Helping Hands Rescue (HHR) is thrilled you are considering adopting a rescue animal. Please understand that we are an advocate for the rescue animal and that the animal’s well-being is our #1 priority.

Keep in mind that completing an application is not a guarantee of adopting the animal.  Our application process is designed to help us determine if a home matches a pet’s needs and assist in finding a pet that is most compatible with your lifestyle and expectations.  **Helping Hands Rescue requires an applicant be 21 or older to adopt.**

Adopter Information

Are you employed?(Required)

Household Information

Please describe your household:(Required)
Why are you looking to adopt a Dog or Puppy?
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If you rent, does you rent agreement allow pets?(Required)
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Dog Care Questions

Is everyone in your family in agreement with the decision to adopt this dog?(Required)
Are you prepared to care for this dog for its entire life (10-15 years)?(Required)
Do you have time to provide adequate love and attention to your new dog?(Required)
Will your dog be an indoor or outdoor dog?(Required)
Where will the dog be while at home alone?(Required)
If your dog prefers a crate will you provide one?(Required)
Do you have a securely fenced yard?(Required)
Is there a doggie door leading to the yard?
Have you ever trained a dog to respond to simple commands?(Required)
What behavior(s) are you unwilling to work with in your new dog?
Do you agree to spay/neuter this dog, if not already done?(Required)
What circumstance might justify giving up your dog?
Please list name and phone number.
Please list name and phone number.
Do you agree to pay an adoption fee, depending on the dog’s age, health and possible special needs?(Required)
Please list name and phone number.